Nanny Be SafeTM is an education and training course specifically targeted toward nannies to ensure the children under their care are protected to the best of their abilities. Learn effective safety strategies through positive, empowering, and accessible methodologies.




Taught by our elite safety experts, nannies who attend our live, immersive, hands-on training workshops walk away with effective knowledge and practical physical skills. 



Earn a Nanny Be Safe Certification through the ease of an online course. Complete our interactive, web-based safety course and pass the test to earn your Foundation safety diploma.



Book our Nanny Be Safe experts for a private, on-location certification course for your nanny, or your entire household staff. Availability and rates upon phone request only.

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Nanny Be SafeTM is the latest cutting edge training program out of the Force Training Institute (FTI), a renowned security and safety organization. Spear-headed by FTIs Program Director of Women & Family Safety, prominent self-defense expert Jarrett Arthur, Nanny Be SafeTM is an education and training course specifically targeted toward nannies to ensure the children under their care are protected to the best of their abilities. 

There are over 1.3 million nannies and child caregivers in the United States according to a 2014 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From celebrities to powerful executives and households where both parents are pursuing careers, nannies play an essential role in the daily safety and security of children as they go to and return home from school, activities and engage in their regular life routine. But, there are also 2,000 child kidnappings every day, on average more than 5,000 home invasions and other threats to personal security to which nannies need to be trained to respond.

Nanny Be Safe combines FTIs expansive expertise securing and training high-profile corporations, organizations, and individuals, with Ms. Arthurs experience presenting effective safety information through positive, empowering, and accessible methodologies. The course has been uniquely designed to be realistic and practical for professional nannies of all ages, fitness levels, and athletic abilities. No prior safety, security, or self-defense experience is needed for attendees to participate. 

Through straightforward, simple, and easy to execute skills and techniques, Nanny Be Safe will focus on three areas of particular interest to nannies: home safety, public safety, and vehicle safety. Attending nannies will be required to pass a test in order to receive a certificate of completion. 

Nannies who complete the Nanny Be Safe training course will be empowered with foundational crime prevention, avoidance, and de-escalation strategies; straight-forward, practical physical skills that can be used in a worst case scenario; effective reporting protocols; and the confidence necessary to act quickly and effectively in high risk and potentially high risk situations. The end result: caregivers who are better prepared to protect the children under their watch, and parents with greater peace of mind. 

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